When Is Supervised Visitation Required After a Divorce?


After a Pasadena divorce, the court may require that the noncustodial parent have supervised visitation. Supervised visitation means that a neutral third party must be present when the noncustodial parent is visiting the child.

Supervised visitation may be a tool to help reintroduce a child to his or her parent after a long absence, such as a case where regular visits haven't currently been possible due to geographic restrictions. Supervised visits can also be helpful in cases where the child has had no previous relationship with the noncustodial parent.

If there are allegations of child abuse, neglect, or domestic violence, a supervised visit is a tool to help ensure the child's safety. Supervised visits may also be used when a parent suffers from a mental illness that would impair his or her ability to properly care for the child during an unsupervised visit.

Supervised visitation may be used if there are concerns that the noncustodial parent may try to leave the jurisdiction with the child.

Supervised visitation providers can be friends, family members, or paid professionals. Friends or family members must be at least 21 years of age and meet specific criteria in order to be eligible to supervise visitation. However, if supervised visitation is needed due to concerns about abuse or neglect, you will be advised to choose a professional supervised visitation provider.

Supervised visitation can take the form of one-on-one visits or visits that include several parents in a group environment. If the parent is unable to visit the child in person, telephone or video monitoring may be used.

Since the procedure for supervised visitation depends upon the reason that supervised visits are being requested, it is best to discuss this issue in greater detail with your attorney.

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