New Study Highlights Health Risks for Divorced Men


If you are a man seeking a divorce in Pasadena, a new study recently published in the Journal of Men's Health points out the importance of taking care of your physical and emotional well being as you're going through the process of ending your marriage.

The study found that divorced men face a higher risk of developing depression and are more prone to engage in risky behaviors like drug or alcohol abuse. Divorced men also had higher rates of serious problems like cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Divorced men may be at a higher risk of developing emotional problems because our society encourages them to be tough and resilient. When faced with trauma, many men become withdrawn instead of seeking outside sources of emotional support. Higher rates of cancer and cardiovascular disease could be explained by men being less likely to pay attention to preventative healthcare measures like the importance of regular exercise and eating a healthy diet when they don't have a spouse around.

As a man going through a divorce, the best thing you can do for yourself is to try to resolve your issues with your ex as amicably as possible. Using the services of a mediator reduces the emotional stress of divorce, in addition to being cheaper than litigation. A mediator can work with your attorney to make sure your legal rights are protected.

Remember to also take time to keep up relationships with friends and family, as they can provide a positive source of support during this rough time in your life. A standing date to play a game of basketball with friends after work can do wonders for both your physical and emotional health.

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