Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Divorce Concierge Professional


Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Divorce Concierge Professional

What most people approaching a divorce don't realize is the amount paperwork that needs to be collected and submitted in a timely manner and all of the trivial tasks that can accumulate quickly. It can be daunting to understand this new legal language of "divorce," and sort through financial and legal documents amassed over time—especially when the past is something you are eager to put behind you. And for many it doesn't end there. There's the need to get a home ready to sell, find a new home, appropriate childcare, juggle appointments, find new schools for the kids and so many other important, yet time consuming tasks. This is when a Divorce Concierge Professional (DCP) can be of help.

5 reasons to consider hiring a Divorce Concierge Professional:

  1. A DCP can act as your personal, legal clerk by helping you to execute documents and procure information needed for your case. She understands what time-sensitive documents your attorney needs for your case; and can help collect, organize and even take dictation and write formal letters/documentation on your behalf. A DCP can also initiate questions or concerns you may feel too intimidated to ask your lawyer.
  2. A DCP has professional resources at her fingertips. While a DCP DOES NOT replace your legal, financial and mental health team; he can provide referrals to such professionals and make a recommendations as to which professional best suits your situation.
  3. Additionally, she can help you create a "divorce road map," which guides you through some of life's crossroads, and helps you manage the unique challenges of this life transition.
  4. A DCP can communicate logistics with your ex-spouse, including coordinating calendars, sending notifications to your former spouse and submitting child-related expenses.
  5. Finally, as a personal assistant, a DCP can help you with your ever-growing "to do" list. Examples of some tasks include, paying your bills, researching and prescreening childcare personnel, initiating the sale or rental of a home, manage personal errands and much more.

There are many benefits of hiring a Divorce Concierge Professional; however, according Ling Hwang, Pasadena-based Divorce Concierge specialist and owner of Divorce Concierge, it is important to understand that a DCP is NOT a replacement for your lawyer, financial advisor or therapist. "A reputable and experienced DCP will not give you legal advice, advise you on financial portfolios or investments, or provide professional mental health care," says Hwang. "We're here to enhance your relationship with your lawyer, and act as a liaison and confidant trusted by both you and your attorney."

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