What Happens If We Can't Agree During Divorce Mediation?


Mediation can be a cost effective and less adversarial way to resolve issues such as child custody, visitation, spousal support, and the division of martial property when you and your spouse are getting a Pasadena divorce.

If you're thinking about using the services of a divorce mediator, keep in mind that mediation does not necessarily prevent you from litigation. Either person is allowed to stop the mediation process at any time, if they feel that they are not being treated fairly and respectfully.

If mediation is not successful, you and your spouse can go to court to handle unresolved issues. However, the majority of couples who use the services of a mediator are able to handle issues without going to court. The mediator will create an agreement based on what the couple has decided, then an attorney will review the documents to make sure they are legally sound.

Sometimes, couples decide to take a break in the middle of mediation to allow time to gather new information or to consult other professionals such as an accountant or financial planner. Even if you're unable to come to an agreement immediately, you might be able to reach a resolution at a later session. A good mediator won't pressure you into making immediate decisions.

Even if you're unable to handle all of your issues through a mediator, every decisions that you do make saves you time and money over having to go to court. If you are a parent, using a mediator to handle custody and visitation issues is beneficial for your children because it sets the stage for a positive co-parenting relationship after your divorce is finalized.

Regardless of the outcome of your case, mediation is confidential. In fact, mediation is so confidential that the state prohibits mediators from testifying in court.

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