Quick Divorces for Victims of Domestic Violence


Pasadena family law firms watched with interest as a new law went into effect last week in Louisiana granting victims of domestic violence the right to an immediate divorce. The state also passed legislation saying that abusers who are under a protective order are not allowed to posses a firearm. Anyone convicted of domestic abuse battery is prohibited from owning a gun for a decade. The laws, which are the first of their kind in the U.S., were passed to address Louisiana's standing as the state with the most domestic violence complaints last year.

Other states may follow Louisiana's lead if the new legislation proves to be an effective way of combating domestic violence. Currently, however, California residents who are victims of domestic violence do not qualify for a quick divorce based on their circumstances. All California residents seeking a divorce must wait a mandatory six months before the divorce is finalized. If there are no disagreements related to child custody, spousal support, or the division of property, the paperwork can be turned in and the divorce judgment can be approved before this time. However, the divorce is not final until at least six months have passed since the case was started.

California relies heavily on domestic violence restraining orders to protect abuse victims. You can request an order if you’ve been abused by your spouse or your spouse has threatened to abuse you. The order, which can be extended to your children or other people who live with you if needed, can bar your spouse from coming near your home, work, or children’s schools. The order can also bar your spouse from having a gun and compel him or her to vacate the home that you share.

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