The One Day Divorce in California


If you're ready to start your life as a single person, you may be wondering if the recently publicized one day divorce program in San Diego is the real deal.

The San Diego program lets you finish your case and get a final judgment of divorce or separation within a few hours. Unfortunately, there are several limitations to the program:

  • You need to be a resident of San Diego County.
  • You and your spouse must not be represented by an attorney. (Assistance is provided filling out the forms, but no other legal advice is offered.)
  • You and your spouse must agree on all relevant issues, including the division of property, and spousal and child support, or you must have a spouse who has not filed a response and does not intend to participate in the divorce process.
  • You must have filed for divorce at least six months ago.

As you can see, the one day divorce title is a bit misleading. You must still complete the state's mandatory six month waiting period, even if you meet all of the other program criteria. The six month waiting period is a state regulation intended to give couples a chance to reconcile and can't be bypassed under any circumstances.

Additionally, if you do not have legal representation, it is difficult to ensure that you're getting a settlement that is in your best interests. You do not want to sacrifice your long term financial future in an attempt to speed up the legal process.

San Diego's one day divorce program began in March and is the second such program in the state. It is modeled after one that began in Sacramento and is being funded by a grant from the San Diego Bar Foundation. The program is intended to offer an option for defendants who have minimal resources and are ending their marriage on relatively amicable terms.

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