New Danish Study Links Failed Fertility Treatments and Divorce


Couples who have experienced fertility problems say that the stress of dealing with infertility can be as traumatic as coping with the death of a family member, so it's not surprising that some of these couples end up seeking a Pasadena divorce.

A recent Danish Study, published in Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica, found that couples who experienced failed IVF treatments are three times more likely to end up separating than those who successfully achieved a pregnancy. Within twelve years of the failed fertility treatments, 27% of the women in the study were no longer living with their partner.

IVF is expensive, which causes a strain on many relationships. Some couples will go so far as to take out a second mortgage or draw from retirement accounts to pay for the treatment, which adds to the heartbreak when IVF is unsuccessful.

The side effects of IVF can also cause problems. The drugs used as part of the treatment can cause depression, irritability, headaches, and restlessness. If ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome occurs, women can experience nausea, vomiting, and stomach pains. Watching his wife go through this can be very difficult for a man, especially if he'd prefer to consider adoption as an option.

If a couple is divorcing after failed IVF treatments, it's important to remember that medical debt is considered marital debt. That means the debt for fertility treatments belongs to both spouses, not the woman undergoing the IVF.

In some divorce settlements, women have asked their husbands to pay for egg storage so they can attempt to conceive at a later date. The idea of assigning a monetary value to a woman's future fertility is controversial, but it's hard to deny that women have a limited amount of time to fulfill their dreams of starting a family. If a woman wants to continue trying to have children after her divorce, family law attorneys say there is no reason not to try to negotiate for this as part of the settlement.

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