Is January Divorce Month?


It's a fairly well known fact among Pasadena divorce lawyers that January is one of the most common times couples file for divorce. The increase in filings is usually attributed to a combination of leftover holiday stress and New Year's resolutions that involve making drastic life changes.

Before you start dialing local attorneys, make sure you're thinking about the decision to file for divorce logically. Don't decide to leave your spouse just because your Christmas together was a complete disaster. Make sure you're truly unhappy with the state of your marriage and not just upset about other issues in your life that won't be fixed by filing for divorce.

If you're sure you want a divorce for the right reasons, think about how you'll support yourself as a single person. If both you and your spouse currently work, making the adjustment to living on just one income might be challenging. Make a budget that lists all of your expenses as a single person, including the cost for a new place to live if you're the one who will be moving out. Don't forget to include costs for legal fees as well.

Make copies of important financial documents such as tax returns and bank statements before you tell your spouse you want a divorce. If you don't already have credit cards and a bank account in your own name, take care of these details as soon as possible.

Remember that how you tell your spouse you want a divorce sets the emotional tone for the whole process. Don't yell, scream, or place blame on your spouse. Strive to remain calm and level headed, even if your spouse becomes upset by the news. If you're on your best behavior, you avoid giving your spouse ammunition that could be used against you at a later date.

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