Emilie de Ravin and Josh Janowicz File for Divorce Again


Actress Emilie de Ravin, currently playing Belle on the ABC series Once Upon a Time, and husband Josh Janowicz, most recently seen in the thriller Complicity, have illustrated what Pasadena divorce lawyers have known for quite some time: a large number of couples file for divorce and then never go through with the process.

The couple was married on June 26, 2006, but their marriage has been rocky for quite some time. In early 2007, de Ravin said she was leaving Janowicz. However, she didn’t file for divorce until 2009. But once she filed for divorce, the couple worked out their differences and stayed together for a few more years. In their latest divorce papers, Janowicz lists their date of separation as being in November 2013. They have no children together and this is the first marriage for each of them.

Every jurisdiction is a little different, but canceling a divorce in California is not difficult. If you were the first spouse to file, you can file a Request for Dismissal form in order to end the proceedings. This can be done at any time before the final judgment is issued, but the form needs to be filed by the person who was the first to file the initial divorce papers. The other spouse can’t stop the divorce simply by refusing to participate in the process.

If you cancel your divorce and then change your mind again, you'll need to start from the beginning with all of the necessary legal papers. You'll also need to pay the filing fees or apply for a fee waiver.

In a situation like the one with de Ravin and Janowicz, keep in mind that you might run into problems determining a date of separation if you file, cancel, and then file for divorce once more. Since California’s community property laws mean the date of separation can have a significant effect on the distribution of marital assets, this is an issue to discuss with your attorney.

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