Protecting Your Online Life After Your Pasadena Divorce


In today’s high tech world, it’s important to give some thought as to how you plan to protect your online life after filing for divorce in Pasadena. If you’re not careful, the same technology that makes your daily life easier can be used by an angry spouse to seek revenge.

Many people share passwords for email, Facebook, and other personal accounts with their significant others, and those who don't share passwords often pick passwords that are fairly easy for a spouse to guess. If you’re filing for divorce, changing the passwords on all of your online accounts should be a top priority. A strong password should include both uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and/or punctuation marks. Avoid reusing the same password for multiple services. You should also change the answers on any security questions your spouse could easily guess, such as where you were born, your mother’s maiden name, or the street you grew up on.

If applicable, shared online services should be canceled altogether. If you’re an Apple user, keep in mind that a shared iCloud account lets your spouse see all of your email, photos, recent online purchases, and locations.

If you’re planning to move out, wipe shared tablets, laptops, and desktop computers to make sure you’re not leaving behind important personal data like your private browsing history or credit card info. If you do not share gadgets with your spouse, but are worried about the possibility of spy apps or a key logger being installed without your permission, backup all important data and do a full factory reset.

Finally, you will want to double-check your social media account privacy settings to make sure you're not accidentally sharing information you'd rather keep private. Delete or block any “friends” that might provide damaging information to your spouse while custody and support issues are being decided.

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