Should I Ask for an Increase in Child Support?


Child support payments set at the time of your Pasadena divorce can be changed, if needed. Both parents are able to make requests to have the order modified.

If you are receiving child support, you may have a valid reason for an increase if:

  • Your income from employment has decreased and you are unable to meet your child’s needs based on your current income and the child support you are receiving.
  • You have become permanently disabled and are no longer able to work.
  • The needs of your child have increased. For example, you may require more money for daycare expenses due to a change in work hours or your child may have been diagnosed with a medical condition that requires expensive care that was not considered in the original child support agreement.
  • Your former spouse has received a substantial raise. The law allows children to share in the good fortune of their parents, even if their parents do not remain married.
  • Your general household expenses have increased and your original child support agreement does not have language that accounts for an automatic cost of living increase.
  • If you have a joint custody arrangement, there has been a decrease in the percentage of time your child is physically under the care of your former spouse.

Child support modifications can be awarded on a temporary or permanent basis. A temporary modification is awarded if your change in circumstances is a short-term condition, such as a temporary decrease in income while you return to school to train for new employment after losing your job. A permanent modification is awarded if the circumstances are not expected to change, such as an increase in medical expenses due to a child’s ongoing illness or disability.

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