Divorce Mistakes Men Make


Men seeking a divorce are typically eager to get on with their lives, but many inadvertently make the process of ending their marriage harder than it needs to be.

To gain a fair divorce settlement, you need to have legal representation. Without an advocate on your side, you risk being taken advantage of by a legal system that is often disrespectful to the important role men play in the modern family. Under no circumstances should you allow your soon-to-be ex to convince you not to hire an attorney.

Losing your temper will also make your divorce much more difficult. No matter how contentious things become, never verbally abuse or physically threaten your ex, as this will only make you look bad to a judge--even if you have no history of violent behavior and no intention of carrying out your threats. If the situation becomes overwhelming, find a friend to whom you can vent.

If you have children with your ex, you must avoid using your children as pawns. Do not badmouth your ex to your children or withhold child support when you don't get your way. If your ex tries to take away your right to visitation, do not issue threats of your own. Meet with your attorney and seek a reasonable solution. If you rise above petty differences now, you'll be able to preserve your long term relationship with your children.

Finally, it's best to wait until your divorce is finalized before beginning a new romantic relationship. Bringing another woman into the mix is a surefire way to amp up the hostility in your divorce. If you're already found someone new, try to keep your relationship private until the divorce is settled. You'll have plenty of time for romance after your divorce papers are signed.

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