Molestation Confession Indirectly Affects Stephen Collins' Divorce


The divorce of former 7th Heaven star Stephen Collins from his estranged wife Faye Grant has been an exceptionally high profile case due to the leak of a recording made during a therapy session in which Collins admitted to molesting multiple underage girls. Three law enforcement agencies have since confirmed that there had been an investigation into allegations of molestation several decades ago, but no charges were ever filed.

As far the divorce proceedings go, Collins' behavior is considered irrelevant. California's no fault divorce laws generally keep the cause of the breakup from being a factor in deciding how assets are divided. However, the recording will indirectly factor into the case as Collins' attorneys are arguing that he is unlikely to ever obtain more work as an actor due to the negative publicity surrounding the leaked story.

After the recording was leaked, reruns of 7th Heaven were canceled. Collins also lost roles on the TV show Scandal and the upcoming film Ted 2. Thus, Collins' attorneys are asking that the judge determine the division of property and spousal support obligations based on the assumption that Collins will be living solely off his previous investments.

Grant is seeking more than $13,000 per month in spousal support, based on Collins' income of $44,000 per month before the story leaked. It is not known what investment income Collins has, but the couple's two Brentwood properties are currently on the market for $2.85 and $2.7 million.

The purpose of spousal support is to allow the lesser earning spouse to maintain the status quo in the marriage. Typically, income from the last year is used to determine alimony if the paying spouse has a steady income. With actors and other self-employed individuals, the judge has more flexibility in determining what an appropriate payment would be.

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