Avoiding Prenup Challenges Based on Ambiguous Wording


Robert Soros, deputy chairman and president of the $28 billion Soros Fund Management, is in the middle of a messy divorce from wife Melissa Robin Schiff. Soros allegedly cheated on his wife with model Meredith Ostrom, causing Schiff to push for a punitive divorce settlement. The couple, who have been married 22 years, have a prenuptial agreement. However, Schiff is arguing that the prenup is ambiguous and should be thrown out. This would allow her to claim billions of dollars from Soros' personal assets.

A prenup challenge based on ambiguous writing means that the terms of the agreement are not clear. A properly written prenup should leave no room for interpretation. It should easily spell out who is entitled to what in the event of a divorce, without unfairly favoring one party.

Ambiguous language in a legal document such as a prenup may refer to:

  • Cases in which the placement of words in a sentence creates different interpretations
  • Words or phrases which have more than one meaning
  • Abbreviations or acronyms that are not known to the reader
  • Pronouns that may refer to more than one person or object in a sentence

The best way to protect yourself against a prenup challenged on the basis of ambiguous wording is to choose an attorney who has extensive experience preparing this type of document. A skilled attorney understands the need for precise language choices.

It's also important to make sure you take the time to read the prenup yourself before you sign it. Never agree to sign any legal document if you have questions about the terms or do not feel confident that it is in your best interests.

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