Can You Keep Your Ex's New Partner from Seeing Your Kids?


Country singer Jason Aldean’s $20 million divorce from high school sweetheart Jessica Ussery has been bitter from the start, but his estranged wife is now reportedly campaigning to ensure that his mistress stays away from their two daughters. The couple announced their divorce after Aldean was caught publicly making out with former American Idol contestant and Charlotte Bobcats cheerleader Brittany Kerr at a Los Angeles bar. Aldean and Kerr have since announced their engagement.

Even when there have been no allegations of marital infidelity, divorcing couples often have reservations about allowing their children to be exposed to each other's new romantic partners. Parents worry that if the new relationship does not work out, it may create additional trauma for kids already struggling to cope with their parents' split. With teens, there is also the concern that these relationships send a less-than-positive message about sexual relationships outside of marriage. For this reason, many people have temporary orders that forbid either party from introducing the child to his or her new romantic partner while the specific terms of the divorce are still being decided.

Once the divorce is final, however, it is more difficult for a parent to prevent their child from being exposed to their ex's new partner. The concerned party must file a motion with the court arguing that it's not in the best interest of their child, i.e. the new partner poses a significant threat to the child's health and safety by being abusive or using illegal drugs in front of the child. A tense relationship between exes or disapproval of each other's romantic choices are not sufficient reasons for the court to intrude on their personal lives.

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