Clint Eastwood's Divorce Shows How to Protect Privacy During the Settlement Process


After months of tense negotiations, Clint and Dina Eastwood have finalized their divorce. Clint and Dina were married for 17 years before separating in December 2012. They have a daughter Morgan, who turns 18 this month. Much of their divorce battle reportedly centered around dividing Clint's $350 million fortune.

The Eastwood divorce judgment was approved by a County Superior Court judge in Monterey, CA, but does not include details on how the pair will divide their assets. It is unlikely that Dina received the spousal support she asked for, however, the couple did have a carefully prepared prenuptial agreement.

Although court proceedings are normally considered public matters, it is possible to have records sealed to protect the privacy of those involved. Clint Eastwood has long been described as a serial womanizer and is said to have had several extramarital affairs. In total, he's fathered seven children with five different women. Previous to marrying Dina in 1996, he was married to Maggie Johnson from 1953 to 1984. Given the complexity of his personal life and his high profile as an actor, a request to seal divorce records would certainly be logical.

Records are often sealed to protect minor children from identification, to ensure the safety of victims of domestic violence, to protect proprietary business information, or to prevent spreading allegations that might damage one party's professional reputation. However, it's most common to only have a small portion of the records sealed to avoid releasing any more details than what is absolutely necessary. Narrow requests to seal records also have a better chance of being approved by a judge than a blanket request to seal all documents involved in the case.

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