Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams Announce Their Divorce: Who Will Get Custody of the Pets?


Pop icon Mandy Moore and her husband, alternative country singer Ryan Adams, have decided to divorce after almost six years of marriage. The couple married in 2009 and have since collaborated on songs such as 2011's "Empty Rooms." It's being reported that the decision to end the marriage was mutual and that the couple are hoping to settle their affairs as privately as possible.

Both Moore and Adams consider themselves big animal lovers. They have no children together, but their collection of pets includes at least two dogs and seven cats. All of their pets are rescue animals that they started adopting together shortly after they began dating.

Often, determining custody of pets ends up being one of the most difficult parts of a divorce. Here are some questions a judge might ask before ruling on pet custody issues:

  • When were the pets added to the family? If you owned an animal before marriage, it's usually considered your pet after the divorce.
  • Who is the primary caretaker of the pet? The person who regularly takes the animal to the vet, buys food, walks it, and cleans up after it is more likely to be given custody of the animal.
  • Who is best equipped to handle the responsibility of pet ownership? If you work long hours, travel frequently, and/or have a variable schedule, a judge might rule that you're not equipped to properly care for a pet. If the pet is a dog, preference would likely be given to someone with a fenced in yard for the animal to safely get the exercise it needs.
  • Who is being granted custody of the children? If you also have children, the person who gets custody of the kids may be granted custody of the pets in order to maintain a sense of stability in the lives of the children.

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