Oil Magnate Harold Hamm Appeals $1 Billion Divorce Judgement


Oil magnate Harold Hamm's divorce from Sue Ann Arnall has received widespread media attention, much in part to the nearly $1 billion settlement he was ordered to pay his ex-wife in November. However, the latest media reports indicate that Hamm is appealing the ruling on the grounds that it is "erroneous and inequitable."

Hamm has an estimated net worth of $18.7 billion, but claims he will need to borrow money to fund the judgement. Arnall's attorneys have also filed an appeal on the grounds that the settlement isn't generous enough, claiming that a larger portion of Hamm's assets should have been classified as marital property subject to division in the divorce proceedings.

An Oklahoma County Court Judge ordered Hamm to pay Arnall $995.4 million in property division alimony, which has been delayed pending the legal challenges. Arnall was also awarded the couple's marital home in Oklahoma and the majority of its contents, as well as a Carmel Valley, California ranch.

Every state allows parties to appeal a divorce judgement, although the exact process differs from state to state. In California, you must file your appeal on or before the earliest of the following dates:

  • 180 days after the entry of the judgement
  • 60 days after you've been served with a notice that the judgement has been entered or given a copy of the judgement stamped "Filed"

When an appeal is filed, this turns the jurisdiction to the appellate court unless the issue is related to child custody or child support. Then, the trial court continues jurisdiction.

In addition to being time consuming, appeals of a divorce judgement can be quite costly in terms of ongoing legal expenses. Therefore, appeals are typically only used in settlements involving high stakes cases like the Hamm divorce.

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