Introducing Our 2019 Pasadena Chamber of Commerce /PUSD Summer Intern


My name is Tamara Rivera, I am sixteen years old, and the current summer intern here at The Schweitzer Law Partners. I am a rising senior at Pasadena High School where I am involved in clubs such as the Spanish Club, Puente Club, and hold the position as fundraising commissioner for the National Hispanic Honor Society. I am also in the Law and Public Service Academy where we learn about constitutional rights, foundations of law, criminology, and forensic science. My self, along with my other classmates, get the opportunity to listen to real misdemeanor cases once a week in our courtroom located on school campus. We also get the chance to either be clerk or bailiff, or be a part of the jury. Lastly, I am engaged in the school softball team where I play second base, left field, and right field. I feel ecstatic and thrilled, but also anxious and tense, about going into my senior year. However, my excitement dominates my fears and worries because I cannot wait to take part in senior activities and make unforgettable memories with my best friends that will close up my high school chapter.

I enjoy staying busy in and out of school whether that is playing a sport or volunteering time to my community. Sports such as boxing, cheer, swim, soccer, and gymnastics are what help keep me in shape and my schedule full. The one sport that I dedicate the majority of my time to is taekwondo. I am a second-degree black belt and have been doing taekwondo for fourteen years. At my taekwondo school, I serve as a coach for students of all belts and one of the captains of the sparring competition team. Being involved in my community is something that holds significance to me. My participation in the Los Angeles Police Department Cadet program has helped me become more engaged throughout my community and make an impact. As a cadet, we are held up to the responsibility and expectation to work details at locations such as Dodger Stadium, The Greek Theatre, and neighborhood events. It is important for a cadet to not only serve the community but to also show respect, discipline, and integrity. By being involved in my community, I see potential in myself to become a more helpful and understanding person.

A higher education after high school is very important to me. I hope to attend either Cal State Los Angeles or UC Irvine and aspire to become either an immigration or criminal lawyer, or a psychologist because I enjoy helping people. Becoming involved in higher education and putting myself in a steady career path is a form of saying thank you to my parents. The love, care, and respect I have for my parents is substantial in that it resulted in me wanting to pursue a professional career that will allow me to care for them financially. Also, not to sound too cliché, but I want to live my life for my parents and live their dreams for them knowing that they didn’t have the opportunity to do so. Coming from a family of hard workers and big dreamers, I plan that one day I will become prosperous and thrive for the best in order to make not only my parents proud, but also prove to myself that I am capable of accomplishing anything."