5 Child Custody Tips for Summer Vacation


Summer in California is just around the corner, meaning your children will probably have a break from school. While summer vacations are a time for relaxing and enjoying summer activities, this time can seem like a stressful process for divorced parents who are trying to nail the perfect summer break schedule for their children.

Don’t let this time stress you out! Even if the custody agreements are still being finalized, children deserve to have a relaxing summer vacation, and so do you. Keep these co-parenting tips in mind to make the most of your child’s summer vacation.

1. Create a Clear Plan

With the kids having the summer months off from school, there should be plenty of time for both parents to fit in some quality time with their children. Don’t feel the need to fight over something that could be avoided. Now is the time to plan a vacation schedule that meets each parent’s needs. Communicate with the other parent what your summer plans with the children are, and they should do the same for you.

2. Be Flexible

Even the most perfectly laid-out plans can fall through sometimes, and that’s okay. During this time, it’s important to remember that flexibility is key, especially when children are involved. If your ex asks you to be flexible with your schedule and you are able to, it could help remove any feelings of hostility and ensure your children don’t have to listen to their parent's bickering.

3. Redefine the Custody Agreement If Necessary

In some cases, one parent may request more time with the kids in order to take a trip or vacation, even if this time goes into the other parent’s child custody time. Make sure to address this situation beforehand in order to avoid any child custody violations.

4. Listen to Your What Your Child Wants

You want the best for your children’s vacation time, and your ex probably does too. However, listening to your children’s wants could go far in making the most of their summer vacation and helping you decide how you and your ex can work together to ensure this happens.

5. Coordinate Your Vacations

Once you finally communicate with your ex and get your children’s input for what they want to do, you and your ex will be able to coordinate vacations in order to avoid any overlap. In addition, you can ensure that your child or children have a peaceful home to come home to after returning from any trips.

Summertime should give parents and children the opportunity to relax and enjoy family time together. By keeping the peace between you and your ex, being flexible, and staying within each of your legal boundaries, co-parents will be able to give their children an enjoyable and stress-free summer vacation.

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