The Stunning Rates of Divorce among Older Couples

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You’ve probably been fed the statistic that half of all marriages end in divorce, but that’s not entirely true anymore. Divorce rates have been declining since the 1980s, and the drop appears to be, in large part, due to the millennial generation. However, there’s one generation whose divorce rates have been on the rise— baby boomers.

According to research from a Bowling Green State University study, the divorce rate has nearly doubled since the 1990s among US adults ages 50 and older. What’s the reason behind the surge in “gray” divorces? Our experienced attorneys answer the question below.

Reasons for Late Life Divorces

People are Living Longer

One of the primary causes driving gray divorces is that life expectancy has changed— it’s increased. Now that people have more years to live, the thought of spending it in an unhappy marriage seems bleak. Also, with the kids out of the house, many use divorce as an opportunity to live fully and put themselves first.

Reduced Stigma of Divorce

When baby boomers were growing up, there was a societal stigma attached to divorce. Gender roles have evolved, people feel more financially secure, and it’s more acceptable to get divorced.

Poor Financial Management

Money problems have been enough reason to break up for couples in any age group, but these issues continually arise during gray divorces. Finances can be tricky, especially for spouses who struggle with debt or get into fights about it. There may even be long-standing resentment on one end of how the other handled money. This could be the last straw leading to a divorce.

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