Custody Tips for Back-To-School Season

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Starting On The Right Foot

With summer vacation gradually drawing to a close, many parents are getting their children ready to head back to an in-person learning environment and shop for school supplies. Parents who share custody of their children, however, should take additional steps prior to school starting to maintain a positive environment for them. Here are some tips to consider to put yourself and your children in a better position to start the academic year.

Be Willing to Keep Communication Open

Something to keep in mind as school starts up is that your child will be looking to you and your ex-spouse as role models for behavior. One way to better model good interpersonal skills is to be willing to keep communication lines open between you and your ex-spouse. Note that this does not mean that you have to be friends with them; simply communicating changes or issues early and keeping your ex informed of important matters can make sharing custody a bit smoother.

Work With the School and Teachers

It is important to keep the school that your child attends notified of who is responsible for picking up and dropping off your child. If officials do not recognize who is picking up your child, this could cause further problems. Providing the school with necessary information related to pick-ups and drop-offs can help the new school year start a bit smoother.

In addition, informing your child’s teachers of your situation with your ex-spouse can help them recognize if your child is struggling in the classroom. Divorce can sometimes leave children feeling hurt and confused, which may manifest itself in behaviors such as acting out in class or struggling with academic work. If your child’s teacher understands the new situation they are in, then that can help them as they work to teach the child and help them cope with what is going on at home.

Pay Attention to Your Child’s Needs

It’s important to pay attention to your child’s academic needs throughout the school year. If they come home with homework or papers to study from, then it is important to plan which parent is working with them and helping them on given days and assignments.

In addition, asking your child how they are doing emotionally and mentally throughout the school year can be helpful as they learn to navigate their new family situation. They can know that despite the change, you are still their parent and care for their needs, which builds trust.

Do You Need to Modify a Custody Order?

It can be common for an approaching school year to signal to a parent that a custody order modification may be necessary. If this is the case for you, then it is important to work with an attorney as soon as possible to try and reach a solution. At Schweitzer Law Partners, we’re ready to help you work through your custody issues to give you and your children the best possible outcome.

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