Supporting Children During Divorce


Being There When They Need You

Divorce is one of the most difficult things that a child can go through. It can be hard for them to understand why their parents are no longer together, and they may feel like they are to blame. As a parent, it is important to support your children during this time and help them through the divorce process. Here are some tips on how you can do that.

Listen To Them

The most important thing you can do for your children when you divorce is to listen to them. They will have a lot of questions and they will be feeling a lot of different emotions. You need to be there for them and answer their questions as best you can. But, more importantly, you need to truly listen to what they are saying and how they are feeling.

It can be difficult to listen to your children talk about their feelings on the subject, but it is so important that you do so. They need to know that their feelings are valid and that you understand what they are going through. It will help them feel better and it will help them heal.

Reassure Them

It's crucial that you reassure your child that the divorce is not their fault. They may feel guilty or think they could have done something to prevent it. Explain to them that sometimes adults need to live apart and that this decision was not made lightly. Assure them that you both still love them very much and that this will not change.

Give Them a Routine

One of the most important things you can do for a child during divorce is to maintain as much stability as possible in their lives. If they are used to a certain after-school routine, try your best to keep this the same. Children thrive on routine and predictability so if everything else in their lives is changing, try to keep some things the same.

Seek Help When Needed

Sometimes you may need the help of an outside expert to get to the heart of what your child may be struggling at. Remember that therapists and counselors are there to help you and your child work through their feelings and help them heal during a time as difficult as divorce.

At Schweitzer Law Partners, we know how difficult it can be for children to go through their parents’ divorce. We want to help you as their parent do everything possible to assist them and be there for them during this challenging time. We can handle the legal burdens of divorce so that you support your children.

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