Donald Schweitzer Elected to PBA Board

The Pasadena Bar Association has announced the election of Donald P. Schweitzer as a board member for their organization. Mr. Schweitzer will begin serving on the board January 1, 2010.
Mr. Schweitzer will attend all of the board meetings, participate in the PBA's planning and events, and will vote on various propositions that are brought up at the Pasadena Bar Association meetings.
Mr. Schweitzer received this position by attending numerous Pasadena Bar Association events, helping out the board members, and his identifying himself as having a sincere desire to be an active participant.
According to Mr. Schweitzer, "At this stage of my career, I realize more than ever the contributions the local bar association makes to the community, to our legal systems, and to the individual private attorney, and I believe the work we do on behalf of the association is very important. I also enjoy the camaraderie I have with the other attorneys who serve on the board."
In addition to serving as the Secretary of the PBA, Mr. Schweitzer also holds the position of Chairman of the PBA family law section.
"I would like the Pasadena Bar Association to continue to create benefits to the private attorneys in our local community. I would also like to work with the Pasadena Bar Association in bridging the gap with our local courts."
Mr. Schweitzer is a Certified Family Law Specialist with over 15 years of trial experience. Prior to going into private practice, Mr. Schweitzer served as a Deputy District Attorney in Orange County for 8 years. Mr. Schweitzer worked in numerous units within the District Attorney's office including, Writs and Appeals, Family Support, Municipal Court, Felony Panel, Gang Target, Felony Filing, and the Sexual Assault Unit. He is a member of the American Bar Association, the California State Bar, Los Angeles Bar Association, and the Pasadena Bar Association.
Posted by: Schweitzer Law Partners