Will Jude Law's Divorce Be a Bestseller?


Much has been written about the dissolution of the marriage of actors Jude Law and Sadie Frost. Celebrity columnists and divorce lawyers in Pasadena long have wondered what really went down with the former power-couple. Now readers will get a firsthand account of what Frost says really happened when her autobiography, Crazy Days, hits bookstores next month.

Crazy Days has had a crazy journey into publication. The hotly-sought-after memoir was the subject of a brutal legal battle last month. Law objected to frost including pictures of the couple's children as well as certain written passages. Although Law's legal team tried to put the kibosh on the project in London's High Court, the pair eventually settled after Frost agreed to remove the passages and images that he objected to. In the book, Frost allegedly talks no-holds- barred about her mental collapse, her marriage to Law and her road to recovery.

Married for six years, Law and Frost met in 1994 while working on the film Shopping. She was married at the time and Law was a virtual nobody. In the book, she says that Law was penniless and often asked to borrow money from her. The pair married in 1997 and had three children together. Frost claims it was the post-partum depression following the birth of their youngest child, Rudy, that eventually tore the couple apart in 2003. Frost says Law tried to be understanding but as her condition worsened and she refused help, the actor ran out of options and filed for divorce. Frost was institutionalized and says that it was her experience in a California psychiatric hospital that finally led her to get treated for post-partum depression. Frost also writes in detail about the pressures of conforming to Hollywood and her ex-husband's insatiable ambition.

Further details about the contents of Crazy Days have thus far been kept secret from the press, although gossip hounds are expecting other bombshells about Law, who had a hit last winter with Sherlock Holmes. Law and his on-again/off-again girlfriend Sienna Miller recently moved in with one another despite the cheating scandal involving a nanny in 2005.