Ryan Makes Split From Scarlett Official


Divorce attorneys in Pasadena have a knack for telling the seriousness of a Hollywood breakup by how fast the divorce papers are filed. Judging by the speedy turnaround, the marriage of movie stars Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson appears to be very much over.

Two weeks ago, Reynolds and Johansson announced they had decided to divorce. Now Reynolds has put his paperwork where his mouth is. The star of the upcoming Green Lantern filed divorce paperwork in Los Angeles Superior Court two days before Christmas. And new details of the breakup have emerged, as have new rumors of which Hollywood leading lady Reynolds is currently cozying up to.

While the exact details of the breakup remain fuzzy at best, what we can tell from Reynolds' recently-filed paperwork is that the Canadian hunk plans on keeping things civil. Neither highly-paid actor is seeking spousal support from the other. Likewise, the duo plans on splitting all community property in half even though no property rights have been determined yet. There was no prenuptial agreement, sources tell TMZ, and Reynolds made more money than Johansson during their two-year marriage. Johansson's response was field at the same time, signaling that the couple is indeed taking the high road. Maturity and civility aside, both have hired two highly-sought-after Los Angeles divorce attorneys.

As the "Sexiest Man Alive," Reynolds could have his pick of Hollywood beauties for his next real-life costar and, depending on what tabloid you believe, he's already made his choice! Some news outlets have reported Reynolds long has been involved with his co-star of The Proposal, Sandra Bullock. And the also-newly-single Bullock and Reynolds have been photographed on the town several times recently. Still, other gossip hounds say that it's his involvement with Green Lantern costar Blake Lively that caused his marriage with Scarlett to collapse. Lively, to make things even more complicated, recently called it quits with her Gossip Girl costar Penn Badgley.

Reynolds and his camp remain tight-lipped about his love life, but expect a plethora of revelations when he hits the press circuit to promote Green Lantern this summer.