Fantasia Drops Baby Bombshell in Divorce Trial


Divorce attorneys in Pasadena often call on testimony from the object of a spouse's affair and many times what comes out of the lover's mouths is shocking and highly inflammatory. So when former American Idol winner Fantasia testified at the divorce trial of Antwaun and Paula Cook, celebrity gossip watchers were expecting juicy drama - but no one anticipated what the actress/singer would reveal under oath.

Last Monday, Fantasia appeared in a Charlotte, North Carolina, courtroom. Although no reporters were allowed inside, sources informed CNN that Fantasia testified that she had been pregnant with Cook's child but got an abortion shortly before her attempted suicide last August. The singer also testified that she in fact did known that Antwaun was married from the beginning of their relationship. However, she also testified that she believed for the majority of their relationship that Paula and Antwaun Cook were separated.

Legal problems for the singer started a few months ago when Fantasia was named in papers filed by Paula Cook as the cause of the couples' divorce. Fantasia and her legal team have denied the affair with Antwaun Cook for months until the singer met with Paula Cook last month in an attempt to settle out of court. Fantasia has claimed until very recently that she did not know that Antwaun Cook was married when she became romantically involved with him. Paula Cook reportedly turned down $100,000 from the R&B star. Paula is considering moving forward ahead with plans to sue Fantasia for "Alienation of Affection," the law recognized in North Carolina and six other states which allows an ex to sue a third party if his or her spouse exits the marriage for another person.