Has Divorce Gone to the Dogs for Heidi and Spencer?


The rise to reality TV show fame for The Hills stars Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag has been one littered with shameless publicity, a phony made-for-TV wedding and a jaw-dropping plastic surgery makeover. So it is no wonder that television's love-to-hate-them couple is in the middle of a divorce riddled with equally bizarre headlines. From snooping by private investigators, claims of infidelity, questions if the split was simply another publicity stunt and the impending release of a sex tape, the entire break-up has been conducted Speidi-style. The latest story involves custody of the couple's four dogs.

Divorce attorneys in Pasadena have seen plenty of passionate pet owners get fired up about which spouse gets to keep the beloved critters. But, as usual, Pratt and Montag have allegedly taken animal custody to strange new heights. Despite an initial round of backbiting and bickering, the pair has come to an agreement on the animals. The Daily Mail reported recently that Pratt made a trek to Montag's Costa Rica home to perform a pooch pickup and drop off. Traveling on a golf cart, Pratt delivered two of the couple's dogs in exchange for the other two. After a short vista, Pratt loaded the canines onto the golf cart before returning to Los Angeles. The shared custody of the animals appears to be part of the couple's divorce settlement terms.

Pratt and Montag eloped in Mexico for the cameras in November 2008 but officially tied the knot back in the states in April 2009. Montag has a new post-Hills series filming for MTV now in addition to another album, both set for release by the end of the year. As for Pratt, the former reality TV bad guy currently has no projects in the works but we're confident we haven't seen the last of him.