Jermaine Jackson’s Ex Finally Agrees to Move Out


Divorce attorneys in Pasadena have seen some dramatic and complicated divorces over the years, but the ongoing saga of Jermaine Jackson and estranged ex-wife Alejandra Jackson must be one of the craziest to come out of tinsel town in quite some time. From a hefty amount of back child support to a battle over where Alejandra would live, the case continues to get stranger every day.

Alejandra Oaziaza Jackson originally was the girlfriend of Jermaine's brother Randy, with whom she had 2 kids in the early 1990s. But when that relationship fizzled, Alejandra married Jermaine and they in turn had three children together. That relationship went sour in 2004, yet Alejandra continued to live on the Jackson family compound with her children. After months of legal battles and threats of eviction, Alejandra Jackson agreed to move out last week after papers were filed in a Los Angeles courthouse.

Until recently, Alejandra reportedly was refusing to move even after being offered a fully-furnished condo by the Jackson family. RadarOnline reported Alejandra was offered the condo by Katherine Jackson to keep her from publishing a tell-all book.

Even though Alejandra may be out of the Jackson home soon, she won't be out of Jermaine's life for quite some time. Jermaine was ordered to pay $80,000 in back child support to Alejandra last month. Jermaine claims the amount was too high and that he is currently unemployed. Bids to lowers his child support payments were denied by the court. Alejandra Jackson, who is also unemployed, told RadarOnline, "People think that I don't work but being a mom of 5 kids, that alone is work. I want this to be done so I can move on with my life."