Did Shaq Use GPS to Track His Ex-wife?


Divorce attorneys in Pasadena and all across the country have seen the use of GPS tracking devices become a hot topic over the last few months. These handy gadgets bring up all sorts of legal issues, from invasion of privacy and beyond. Now one bombshell lawsuit claims that superstar basketball player Shaquille O'Neal planted a tracking device on his ex-wife's car without her knowledge.

Former Shaq employee Shawn Darling has filed a doozy of a lawsuit against his former boss - and it's filled with jaw-dropping accusations and bizarre details. The details of the lawsuit read like a juicy Telemundo soap opera, especially when it comes to the athlete's dealings with his ex, Shaunie O'Neal. According to legal documents, Shaq started to feel nervous in 2009 after his mistress Vanessa Lopez had threatened to tell his wife about their affair. Darling claims that O'Neal purchased and installed tracking devices on Shaunie O'Neal's car in order to find out where she was going and if she was communicating with Lopez.

On September 25, 2009, O'Neal allegedly purchased an Ultimate Bluetooth Mobile Phone Spy and an Ultimate People Finder Software system. At some point O'Neal had his wife's car wired and hired the company Guidepoint to place a GPS tracking system on her car so that he could monitor her movements and whereabouts. Also according to the suit, o n September 29, 2009, nervous that Lopez had made good on her threat to meet with his wife, O'Neal had his henchmen, Derrick Mallet, check with Guidepoint to find out where his wife had been.

The startling allegations are part of a bigger lawsuit filed by Darling which claims that O'Neal inflicted "emotional distress and invasion of privacy" against him. The new details are included in an amended complaint to another lawsuit filed in 2010. O'Neal's alleged crush on pop star Rihanna, an affair with a Newsweek reporter and manipulation of the Miami police are just a few of the other accusations included in the amended complaint.