Mexican Resort Wants Divorcees to Say "Adios!" to Married Life


Divorce attorneys in Pasadena have seen the big trend of divorce parties explode this year. From stars like rocker Jack White to chic Japanese couples, people around the globe are recognizing their divorces with unique, funny and downright strange celebrations. Still others celebrate their splits with a trip out of town. Pop singer Christina Aguilera jetted off to Hawaii when she divorced last year, and Oscar winner Kate Winselt met friend Emma Thompson in Mexico after her breakup.

Now, a high-end Mexican resort has come up with a one-of-a-kind divorce package that offers both a getaway and a divorce celebration, complete with a coffin for your wedding ring.

Casa Velas in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico, is hoping to entice suddenly single vacationers with a unique getaway especially for the newly-divorced. Hotels have been selling divorce-themed vacations for decades, but this one includes spa treatments, deluxe accommodations in the hotel's presidential suite for the divorcee and five friends, an engagement ring redesign consultation, a night on the town, VIP transportation to and from the airport and a shopping tour to "start enjoying that settlement."

But the most unique feature of the package is the ceremonial farewell party. Unlike the most divorce parties making headlines because they celebrate the amicable split of a couple, this farewell party has more of a "good riddance" feel. Guests of the party are treated to cocktails, appetizers - and a burial. That's right. Casa Velas has tiny coffins where the divorced can put their old wedding bands and bury them. The newly-divorced and ready to party have until December 22nd to take advantage of Casa Velas' package. That said, if you can't make the deadline, have no fear; with the popularity of divorce vacations and celebrations on the rise, we're sure we've only seen the tip of the iceberg.