Celebrating Christmas After a Divorce


Red ornament on a christmas tree
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know that celebrating your first Christmas after a divorce isn't one of life's most pleasant milestones. However, this occasion will be a bit brighter if you keep in mind a few basic tips.

Traditions are an important part of holiday celebrations, but sometimes traditions can bring back unpleasant or painful memories. Replace traditions that remind you of your ex with new holiday rituals. Listen to different Christmas music, try out some new cookie recipes, and pick up a few ornaments that symbolize the fresh start that your divorce represents. Check out some of the holiday concerts, plays, and special events in your community. You'll get out of the house and possibly make new friends in the process.

If you have children from your marriage, your child custody agreement might prevent you from spending the holidays with them. Being separated from your children during Christmas is never easy, but remember that you'll be able to choose your own special day to celebrate together. If you aren't able to celebrate on December 25, consider spending the day volunteering at a homeless shelter or picking up overtime at work so you can treat yourself to something special with your next paycheck. Taking a short vacation might be an option as well; many cities have travel agencies that specialize in planning trips for singles.

If you've started dating again, it's best to keep your Christmas expectations as relaxed as possible. A new relationship takes time to grow and develop. Choose your Christmas gifts wisely to avoid presents that imply expectations of future commitments. The type of gifts you'd buy for your husband aren't the same as the ones you should be buying for a boyfriend.

Don't be afraid to acknowledge that some sadness is normal during the Christmas festivities. Divorce represents a major life change, so it's perfectly natural to feel some grief during your first holiday as a single person. You don't want to dwell on these feelings unnecessarily, but taking the time to write in a journal or talk to a close friend can help give you the perspective you need to move on with your life and focus on all the exciting possibilities that are in store for you in 2012.