Kelsey Grammer Divorce Proceedings Evolve — Quickly


Kelsey Grammer's divorce from Camille Grammer has taken some interesting turns of late - and Kelsey wants it to turn faster. Divorce lawyers in Pasadena continue to see couples trying to get on with their lives. But some people are more impatient than others when it comes to moving on from their failed marriage.

It turns out Kelsey Grammer is asking the divorce judge to grant the divorce decree quickly. It appears that his reason for the requested rush order is to enable him to marry his girlfriend Kayte Walsh. Does California state law allow such a maneuver?

Matrimonial lawyers in Pasadena know that many spouses have a desire to end the marriage quickly, even when other issues in the case have yet to be settled. In California, such a legal maneuver is called "bifurcation." In the case of Kelsey and Camille Grammer, there does happen to be another issue that has yet to be settled - and it's not a little issue, either. There's the issue of financial agreements, and there is a great deal at stake.

Reports estimate that Camille could end up receiving more than $50 million. In California, all earnings during a marriage are split equally between the divorcing couples. After all of the assets are counted, Kelsey and Camille Grammer may have amassed more than $100 million while they were married. Kelsey Grammer's television shows are not the only thing they earned - they apparently made some real estate investments together as well, among other things.

If the judge sees fit to grant bifurcation, Mr. Grammer can marry Kayte Walsh as early as January 1, 2011, or exactly six months from the date when the divorce petition was filed. According to California law, a divorce can become finalized 6 months after the divorce petition filing. Then, the financial agreements can be worked out at a later date. If Kelsey Grammer has his way, he will be remarried by the time those financial agreements are finalized.

This latest marriage would be Grammer's fourth.