Pasadea Lawyer's Association Will Host Seminar On Law Firm Practice Management


On Thursday, January 20, 2011, the Pasadena Bar Association is hosting an event related to law firm management.  Three employment law lawyers and an insurance broker will sit as a panel to evaluate various skits that will be played out in front of the audience.  The event will be held at a brand new restaurant - "Pandora," which is located on Green Street, in Pasadena. 

The event which will begin at noon was organized by the Pasadena Bar Association president and vice president - Steve Yee and Don Schweitzer.  The event is designed to not only educate lawyers about a variety of management issues that can arise in a law firm, but to also give practical tips. 

 It may appear that this seminar is tailored to  managing partners of  large law firms, but  this event should actually appeal to most lawyers, since lawyers tend to have managing roles and have input regarding the performance of staff members, including paralegals, receptionists, and filing clerks. 

In one of the skits Don Schweitzer will play the part of a managing partner of a Family Law Firm, who has problems with staff members concerning showing up on time and failing to perform due to maternity issues.  We hope this event will be informative and entertaining to the  numerous lawyers in attendance.