Steve Harvey Blasted By Ex-Wife on YouTube


Family lawyers in Pasadena have heard tales of enraged exes over the years, but Mary Harvey has to be one of the best. Mary, the first wife of relationship guru and comedian Steve Harvey, has posted a series of videos on YouTube blasting her ex-husband for everything from financial problems to infidelity.

Mary doesn't need Barbara Walters or Oprah (more on Ms. O in a minute) to air out her dirty laundry. Armed with a webcam and tons of juicy allegations, she describes in detail the break-up to her comedian ex, sparing no details. In one video, Mary describes finding text messages and e-mails sent from Steve to (his then mistress and current wife) Marjorie.

Mary also says she was quickly disposed of once she informed the star that she intended to divorce him.

"Once he realized I was going to divorce him, he walked out the door... went right to New York, to our apartment that we had there, which I never got to see by the way, and then she joined him there," she claims.

Furthermore, Mary states that Steve, an author of best-selling relationship books who appears on talk shows like Winfrey's to give love advice, didn't even appear in court during the divorce proceedings. She goes on to say that her ex-husband financially ruined her and masterminded her eviction.

"[He] had me evicted from my house, thrown out," explains Mary. "All the businesses, all the money, the cars, at a moment when I was down, I was down and devastated, he maneuvered everything, he manipulated the courts, everything against me."

Also featured in the videos are claims that Harvey turned the couple's son against Mary. Yikes.

Mary and Steve have been broken up since 2005, so why is she coming forward now?

"In Steve's opinion, I was responsible when Oprah did not give him a TV show," she says. "I'm being sued for that. That is why I'm saying what I have to say."

Steve Harvey has yet to make a statement regarding the videos; we're pretty sure it'll be awhile before he says anything.