Skater Tony Hawk’s Best Friend “Totally Cool” with Hawk Dating Wife


Divorce lawyers in Pasadena know how messy it can get when a spouse starts dating a friend's ex. But when it comes to the oft-divorced skateboard legend Tony Hawk and his romance with Cathy Goodman, estranged wife of Hawk's best friend Matt Goodman, things are surprisingly mature.

In an exclusive interview with, Matt Goodman said not only does he not hold any grudges against Hawk but he wish the pair well.

"I know people will think it is strange but I'm totally cool with it," Matt Goodman says. "I had split up with Cathy over a year ago and she started dating Tony about seven months ago."

Tony Hawk recently broke up with his third wife Lhoste Merriam to pursue his relationship with Cathy Goodman.

"I have a new girlfriend now and I hope Tony, Cathy, and Lhoste can all be happy," he adds. "Our kids are all friendly and we do not want a bad situation - people are making it a bigger deal than it is."

He also noted that he and Hawk have been in constant communication since news of the divorce broke a few weeks back. Goodman also confessed to that Hawk told him directly that he was romantically involved with Cathy.

"He told me about the relationship although I suspected something before that," Goodman says. "Life can be strange but I bear no grudges and just want to move on with my life now."

Hawk has a son with Cindy Dunbar, whom he divorced in 1993, two sons with wife No. 2, Erin Lee, before that relationship ended in 2004, and one daughter with Lhoste Merriam. Merriam and Hawk announced their divorce on February 7, 2011. Hawk, whose skateboarding empire includes video games and an apparel line, is worth an estimated $120 million.