The Pasadena Bar Association website has launched its new attorney referral feature which all of our members are encouraged to check out.   This new feature allows members to post their photographs onto the PBA website along with a direct link to their personal webpages.   To ensure that all of our members have an equal opportunity to display their names and photographs at the top of the site, the feature automatically rotates the names of our attorneys on a regular and consistent basis.

           The Attorney Referral feature has intentionally been placed on the top portion of the PBA homepage so that it is visible and easy to locate for the public.   The primary motive for creating this feature was to assist our members to market their practices to the local community.   This feature will allow members to participate in internet marketing at a very reasonable cost.   In addition, this feature is expected to give our members' websites a search engine boost.  

        A one‑time sign-up fee of only $250.00 per attorney and $500.00 per law firm (law firms with more than one attorney) will be charged.   Every subsequent year, participating members will be charged $50.00 for maintenance and upgrades to  the site.   Members who are interested in signing up for this feature should email our executive director, Ms. Michelle Paniagua, at info@pasadenabar.org.   We believe this fee is very reasonable in light of the costs involved for attorneys to market their law practices on commercial attorney referral sites, many of which cost hundreds of dollars per month on an ongoing basis.

        In this day and age, as traditional attorney referral services are rapidly phasing out, most consumers search the internet for attorneys, when in need of one.  Generally speaking, most consumers prefer local attorneys, and our website is a natural place where people will look for an attorney.

       The Pasadena Bar Association intends on promoting the attorney referral feature to the general public.   Many people who are in need of an attorney referral are at a loss of where to search.   We want to make it easy for people to know that our feature is available.   To view the new attorney referral feature go to http:\\www.pasadenabar.org\.   Click onto the Family Law attorney's section feature to see multiple samples of attorneys with photographs and direct links to their websites.

            Submitted by Donald Schweitzer, PBA Vice President and Program Chair.