Gibson Ordered to Pay 750k in Custody Battle


Pasadena divorce attorneys know that when it comes to recent, pricey custody celebrity battles, three names that come to mind: Charlie Sheen, Roseanne and Mel Gibson. Gibson, the 55-year-old actor and director famous for the films Braveheart and Lethal Weapon, recently reached a settlement with his ex-girlfriend, singer Oksana Grigorieva, that could put his fellow divorced celebrities to shame.

Last week, a judge ordered the star to pay Grigorieva $750,000 and continue to provide housing and financial support for their young daughter. The settlement, which was a long time in the making, hopefully marks an end to the bitter feuding between the pair. Gibson has agreed to provide financial and parental support identical to what he provides for his other seven children with soon-to-be-ex-wife Robyn Gibson. Gibson has also agreed to continue to pay for the house where Grigorieva and his daughter live until the child is 18, at which time she can sell the house and keep the profits. As part of the custody deal, Grigorieva cannot pursue a civil case and both sides were ordered not to write or speak about their relationship or the allegations of domestic abuse. Superior Court Judge Peter Lichtman said that neither Gibson nor Grigorieva could release any audio recordings like the now-infamous voicemails which were posted on celebrity website last year. The recordings featured Gibson spouting off racial expletives and making violent threats. Grigorieva previously accused Gibson of hitting her in a January 2010 fight; Gibson pled no-contest to one count of domestic battery earlier this year.

Meanwhile, the ink is nearly dry on Gibson's other divorce to wife Robyn Gibson. The couple, who was married for 28 years, reportedly held off on finalizing their divorce until a custody arrangement with Grigorieva was reached.