Movie Mogul Dodges Divorce Drama


It's rare, but every once in a great while, divorce attorneys in Pasadena see a Hollywood couple take the high road in their divorce. For mega-producer Bob Weinstein, the man behind such hits as The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The King's Speech and Pulp Fiction, a peaceful divorce might just be a reality.

The tabloids were gearing up for a battle royale in the divorce court when Annie Weinstein filed for divorce and an order of protection from estranged husband Bob last week. Her papers alleged she feared "bodily harm" for herself and her two children. With her claims of physical abuse and his allegations that his wife suffers from alcoholism, the divorce looked like it would provide tabloid fodder for months. But an eleventh-hour meeting of the minds might have changed the fate of the Weinstein divorce. Lawyers for the couple spent nearly four hours in talks with Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Ellen Gesmer last Monday. After tireless negotiations, lawyers for the couple say the Weinsteins have worked out an amicable deal and are expected to issue a joint statement about their divorce in the upcoming days. The pair did have a prenuptial agreement; they currently reside in a $15 million townhouse on the Upper West Side.

According to the New York Post, Annie Weinstein lashed out with divorce papers after being on the receiving end of an intervention. Annie's family, along with Bob and his producing partner and brother Harvey Weinstein, all attended the intervention which was led by interventionist Bob Sloane.

"The alleged incident consisted of an intervention by family members including myself, Annie Weinstein's sister and her brother in-law, Bob Weinstein's daughter, Sara, and additional health professionals in an attempt to convince Bob's wife, Annie, to seek help for her drinking addiction," Sloane told the Post.

Her drinking, according to reports, had escalated over the years. A source close to the family said, "Her drinking problem is so bad that Annie's sister and her daughter tried to force her to seek help."

It remains to be seen just how much more light will be shone into the marriage of Bob and Annie Weinstein. But if the agreement holds, this may be all the fodder the tabloids get.