Jewish Divorce Law and Your Pasadena Divorce


Jewish couples seeking divorce advice in Pasadena may find themselves wondering about the relationship between divorce laws within the state of California and traditional Jewish divorce law.

The Jewish faith, like many other religious faiths, has specific customs that divorcing couples must be aware of. However, Jewish divorce law does not affect whether or not the state will grant you a divorce. All California residents will need to file for a Pasadena divorce in the same way, regardless of their religious affiliation.

In the state of California, either party can file for divorce. The state has a no-fault divorce law, so there does not have to be a specific reason for the divorce. Traditional Jewish law, however, says that only a man can file for divorce and that he has to have specific grounds for the divorce. Traditional Jewish law also says that a woman can't prevent her husband from divorcing her, although many rabbinical authorities now say that a woman must consent to the divorce. Rabbinical authorities have also been known to compel a man to divorce his wife if they believe he is neglecting his marital responsibilities.

A Jewish couple who is getting a divorce must receive a "Get" if either of them wish to remarry again under Jewish law. Without a Get, conservative Jews do not acknowledge that a divorce has taken place. The absence of a Get can become particularly problematic if a woman bears a child in a subsequent relationship. Her child will be regarded as a "mamzer," a stigma that will follow the child throughout his or her life. Traditional Jewish law states that a mamzer can only marry a person of the same status.

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