Putting A Face To Our Names


This coming month members of the Pasadena Bar Association will receive their annual membership renewal forms sent by our executive director.  Members of our Association should look carefully at the application and insert this year as the materials will include information on how to take part of a new feature recently added to the Pasadena Bar Association web site. 

The new feature allows members to post their photographs onto the Pasadena Bar Association website along with a direct link to their personal web pages.  To ensure that all of our members have an equal opportunity to display their names and photographs at the top of the site, the feature automatically rotates the names on an hourly basis.  Consequently, no attorney listed on the website will have an advantage due to the spelling of his or her name. 

Members who are interested in signing up for the feature should check the designated box on the application and send their checks to the Pasadena Bar Association.  Questions concerning this new feature should be addressed to our executive director, Michele Paniagua, at info@ pasadenabar.org.  To view the new attorney referral feature go to www.pasadenabar.org, click on the family law attorneys section of the referral page and you will see samples of attorneys with photographs and direct links to their websites.

The Pasadena Bar Association believes that this feature will provide a valuable benefit to participating members.  For those of us who desire referrals from other attorneys, the photographs will allow attorneys within the community to look to the website and place a face to the names of people they may have met at our various events.  Similarly, members of the public will also have the opportunity of putting a face to the name before selecting an attorney to call.