Kobe Bryant's Divorce Called Off... For Now


If you've recently obtained a legal separation in Pasadena but still think you and your ex spouse might have a chance of getting back together, you are not alone. In fact, family attorneys in Pasadena see couples break up and then try to reconcile all of the time, and this instinct has been helped along recently by the economic downturn; new statistics show that couples are willing to give reconciliation a chance due to the rising cost of obtaining a divorce. Recently, the headlines have been filled with celebrity couples who are calling off their divorces and trying to make it work. Basketball superstar Kobe Bryant and wife Vanessa are the latest couple who appear to be putting their impending divorce on hold in an attempt to save their relationship.

Things looked pretty bleak back in December when Vanessa filed for divorce, claiming her husband had affairs with multiple women during their 10-year relationship. The estranged Mrs. Bryant was allegedly fed up with her NBA husband's philandering and notorious affairs. Vanessa secured an arrangement with Kobe to keep all three of the family mansions, worth a collective $15 million. Plus, many news outlets like the Los Angeles Times reported if the couple did get divorced, Vanessa could walk away with a record-breaking $75 million in cash and property.

California law states Bryant has to wait six months after filing for divorce before signing the documents. That six-month mark expires this weekend but, according to TMZ, she is not quite ready to let go. TMZ is reporting Vanessa and Kobe are spending a lot of time together with their children and have attended counseling sessions together. Kobe and Vanessa have not officially moved back in together but if they do, TMZ notes, they will most likely be living in one of the three mansions Vanessa currently owns.

Kobe Bryant married Vanessa Laine in 2001. The couple has two daughters.