Unexpected Benefits of Divorce for Children





Often, when contemplating a Pasadena divorce, parents hear about how horrible it is for children to have to experience the breakup of their parents' marriage. While nobody is suggesting divorce is easy for any of the parties involved, sometimes divorce can actually have unexpected benefits for children.

Obviously, a house that is full of tension is not a happy environment for a child. Even if you and your spouse are trying not to fight in front of the children, kids tend to pick up on the stress levels of their caregivers. Kids who are exceptionally empathetic can develop stomachaches, trouble sleeping, and signs of mild depression when they sense that Mom and Dad are always fighting. If the tension disappears after the divorce, however, the child can go back to focusing on school and other daily activities. Happier parents equal happier children.

If you're a working parent, you understand how hard it is to get everything done during the day. When you have a shared custody arrangement with your spouse, this will actually allow you more time to yourself. You'll be more rested and relaxed, which will allow you to be fully focused on the needs of your children when they are with you.

Another benefit of divorce for children is the opportunity to experience both parents as competent individuals. When a couple is married, one parent tends to take the lead in planning the day-to-day activities of the family. In most families, even those who pride themselves on having liberal views on parenting, this tends to be the mother. After a divorce, however, both parents have to "step up" and be 100% in charge during the times when they have the children. Divorce provides an opportunity for kids to see that Dad can handle laundry and cooking meals on his own and that Mom really can handle household repairs and helping with math homework. Kids with divorced parents learn that traditional gender roles are not as important as the willingness to work hard and learn new things.

If you've decided that your marriage can't be saved, an experienced Pasadena divorce lawyer can help you get a settlement that will allow both you and your children to move on with the next phase of your lives.