More Hollywood Ex-wives Step Into the Reality TV Spotlight


Divorce attorneys in Pasadena and celebrity gossip columnists alike have seen a trend among high-profile Hollywood divorces over the last few years: Star on a reality television show, get a divorce. The Hogans, the Grammers and countless others are proof that life under the bright lights of the reality cameras isn't always a walk in the park. Now VH1 is hoping to cash in on our interest on Hollywood breakups with its new, tentatively-titled reality television show "Hollywood Exes." The program promises to offer a glimpse into the lives of some of Tinsel Town's most famous divorcees.

From Real Housewives to Basketball Wivesand beyond, viewers just can't get enough of watching the onscreen antics of the rich, fabulous and damaged. The new show promises to follow the daily lives of some of Hollywood's most famous ex-wives. The estranged spouses of Prince, Jose Conseco, Eddie Murphy, Will Smith and R. Kelley will be featured in this one-hour "Housewives"-style show set to premiere this summer on VH1.

"These extraordinarily strong women adjusted to and endured a lot while their ex-spouses won fame and fortune defining pop culture for that moment," said Jeff Olde, executive vice president of original programming and production at VH1, in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. "Now these women must reinvent themselves again, stepping out of the long shadows cast by their famous husbands and supporting each other as they define the next stage of their lives - this time on their own terms."

Olde notes the women have known each other for number of years. Nicole Muprhy (former wife of movie star Eddie Murphy), Jessica Canseco (formerly Mrs. Jose Canseco), Sheree Fletcher (formerly Mrs. Will Smith), Mayte Garcia (formerly Mrs. Prince) and Andrea Kelly (formerly Mrs. R. Kelly) make up the cast.

No matter what these ladies unearth, it's sure to be entertaining... and help those of us who are unfamous and searching for divorce advice in Pasadena grateful for our relative anonymity.