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Spousal support paymentIn the state of California, spousal support is either agreed upon through divorce mediation or collaboration, or it is decided by a judge after divorce litigation. Anyone facing divorce in the Pasadena area should hire a Pasadena spousal support lawyer that has the courtroom experience and understanding of family law to obtain the support order they need. Maximum spousal support will only be awarded to you if your attorney can argue your case skillfully before the judge and prove that you will be unable to maintain the same quality of life after your divorce that you had when you were married due to reduced income or lack of education. Spousal support could help you finish school, if applicable, and provide the support you need until you are able to support yourself.

Is Alimony Mandatory in California?

When a couple decides to legally separate or get a divorce in California, the court may require one spouse to pay alimony (or spousal support) to the other. If this is the case in your marriage, then, yes, paying alimony will be mandatory.

How Is Spousal Support Calculated in California?

There is no specific formula to calculate the amount of spousal support an individual will receive. If an amount cannot be agreed upon between the two parties in divorce, a judge will take into consideration the employment status of each party, their individual disposable incomes, their contribution to building the home and family during marriage, the length of the marriage before dissolution, and much more. Having a persuasive and relentless Pasadena spousal support attorney by your side greatly increases your chances of a favorable result, so call the Schweitzer Law Partners today.

How Long Do You Have To Pay Spousal Support in California?

The duration of spousal support is left to the discretion of the court. However, if the marriage lasted less than 10 years, a general rule is that the spousal support will last for half the length of the marriage. For longer marriages, the court may not set a duration.

How Do I Modify Spousal Support in California?

Either spouse may request that the duration and/or the amount of alimony be modified, as long as the original agreement doesn’t specify that the alimony is “non-modifiable.” If both spouses agree to the changes, they must submit an updated written agreement to the judge for approval. However, if the modification request is contested, the matter will need to be resolved in court. To learn more about spousal support modification, click here.

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