The Complicated (and Costly) Divorce of Deion Sanders


Pasadena family attorneys are currently watching two very explosive divorces from the world of sports unfold in the headlines. The divorce of Kobe and Vanessa Bryant could turn out to be one of the most expensive divorces to ever come out of the NBA. But the divorce of former NFL superstar Deion Sanders and estranged wife Pilar Biggers certainly takes the cake when it comes to over-the-top drama, jaw-dropping rumors and seriously bizarre allegations.

After 12 years of marriage, Pilar and Deion Sanders announced late last fall that they would be breaking up. After months of speculation, Deion confirmed that his relationship with Pilar was over. And then things got interesting. First, there was a Twitter battle between Pilar and Deion's daughter from his first marriage, Deiondra. The two famously exchanged harsh words and pictures for all the world to see on the social media site. And in January, things really heated up as strange accusations started to surface from Pilar's camp. Tales of abuse, sex in exchange for cash and property battles swirled around the Internet.

All of this came to a head in the staggering $200 million, double-barrel lawsuits Pilar filed against Deion last month. In two suits, Pilar alleges an instance of assault and several libelous comments posted online. She claims "emotional and physical abuse, mental distress, public humiliation and financial loss," according to the Dallas Morning News. Deion Sanders confirmed via Twitter that a physical altercation had indeed taken place between Pilar and a female companion in February outside their Prosper, Texas home. But he has publicly poo-pooed Pilar's lawsuits, calling them "ridiculous." Pilar, for her part, is not staying quiet and has even gone as far to name Deion's mistresses, including producer Tracey Edmunds. Edmunds has laughed off these accusations and told TMZ, "I am shocked to learn that Pilar Sanders is trying to drag me and my employees through her pre-nuptial dispute. I cannot understand why she continues to create public issues out of her private life issues and feel very sorry for their children. For the record, Deion Sanders and I first met at the top of this year, after he filed for divorce, when he and his partner reached out to me to produce a project of his."

So far no hearings have been scheduled to hash out the details of the Sanders' divorce.