Don't Let Your Anger Control You


Pasadena divorce lawyers often speculate that anger is the reason many divorce cases seem to drag on endlessly. People become so blinded by their anger that they will do anything to hurt their ex -- even if they are also hurting themselves in the process.

If you are filing for divorce in Pasadena, the best thing you can do is to gain control over your anger. This will allow you to make decisions rationally instead of giving in to the temptation to use the court as a battleground.

How do you learn to keep your anger in check? First, realize that it's perfectly normal to be angry after your divorce. When people marry, they expect the relationship to last forever. Divorce is a betrayal of that promise, regardless of the exact circumstances that caused your breakup. It's OK to be angry that things didn't work out, but it's not OK to let that anger control you.

Exercise is often considered a great way to deal with anger. You could always take up boxing and imagine your ex as the punching bag, but even going for a short run can help you work off some of your frustrations.

Even if you don't normally enjoy writing, journaling can help you deal with your anger in a more positive way. To protect yourself legally, however, you should write in a private notebook instead of positing your thoughts on a blog that everyone can see. You don't want your ex to stumble across one of your posts and use it as ammunition in court.

If you don't have friends who have been through a divorce, you might want to seek out a support group in your area. Support groups are especially helpful for single parents, since they can provide insight into issues such as getting back into the workforce after being a stay at home parent or how to introduce your kids to your new boyfriend or girlfriend.

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