Reasons a Mother Might Lose Custody of Her Children


At one point, mothers were almost assured of gaining custody of their minor children after a Pasadena divorce. Today, however, the court operates in a much more gender neutral fashion. Fathers who want to take an active role in raising their children are afforded the opportunity to do so.

When both parents want custody of the children, the court will normally award joint custody. However, if one parent is proven to be unfit, the other parent might be given sole custody. If you are a woman with an ex who is seeking sole custody of your children, it is important to take the legal proceedings seriously. You can lose custody of your children if:

  • There is evidence that you have physically or emotionally abused your child.
  • You have a drug or alcohol problem that interferes with the ability to care for your child. Having sought treatment for problems in the past should not be a problem if you are currently sober and there are no other issues that would concern the court.
  • You are involved in a relationship that could threaten the safety of the child. If you have a new partner who is abusing your children, the court will not allow your child to be placed in harm's way.
  • You have interfered with the visitation rights of the father or attempted to turn the children against him.

If your ex is seeking custody of your children, you need the assistance of an experienced Pasadena family law lawyer. Once you find a lawyer, it is in your best interests to cooperate fully while your case is being prepared. Do not withhold information that you believe your ex may use against you in the custody case. Your lawyer's job is to advocate for your best interests, not to judge you based on whatever mistakes you may have made in the past.

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