Health Insurance and Divorce


If you are going through a Pasadena divorce, one issue of concern might be how to maintain your health insurance coverage. Since having gaps in your insurance coverage can cause many problems, it's important to get this issue settled as soon as possible.

The most affordable health insurance will always be group coverage provided through your employer. If your spouse was providing your insurance coverage, you have a few options. You can get insurance through your current job, get a different job with insurance coverage, get insurance through a private policy, or get insurance through a state program such as Medicare or Medicaid if you meet the necessary eligibility requirements.

You will likely be eligible for COBRA coverage if you are currently insured through your spouse's employer, but this is very expensive and only available for a maximum of 36 months after your divorce.

A spouse who is eligible to receive alimony can request that insurance coverage be included as part of spousal support benefits. However, many alimony agreements only specify that insurance is provided temporarily. For example, the person paying alimony might be required to provide insurance coverage for three years in order to allow his or her former spouse time to find affordable alternative coverage.

If you decide to buy your own health insurance policy, you will need to get coverage from an insurance agent, an insurance company website, or a mass purchasing group such as a trade association or credit union. Do not just look at the monthly premiums when choosing a policy. You must pay attention to deductibles, co-pays, and covered expenses to make sure the policy benefits are sufficient for your specific medical needs.

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