How does Remarriage Affect Child Support?


After a Pasadena divorce, remarriage may be the last thing on your mind. However, there may be a time when you or your ex decide to remarry. If you have children together, it is important that you understand how remarriage affects child support obligations.

If your new spouse has a high earning job and you are currently paying child support, you do not need to worry that your payments will increase when you marry. Even though your household income will be higher, courts do not consider the financial support of your children from a past marriage to be the legal responsibility of your new spouse. Conversely, if you are receiving child support and marry someone who earns more money than your ex, you are still entitled to your full child support payment. Child support payments are the obligation of the child's birth parents only.

If you are paying child support and you have another child with your new spouse, this could possibly affect the amount of child support you'd need to pay for your preexisting children. However, you would need to show that your expenses have increased enough that you can no longer afford your current support obligations.

Sometimes, a step parent wishes to legally adopt his or her spouse's child from a previous marriage. In order for adoption to occur, the birth parent would have to legally relinquish his or her rights to the child. In this case, the birth parent would no longer have a child support obligation.

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